The Midnight Inferno

News of an electrical disturbance on the outskirts of Millers Fall filters in to the Police Department, and when  Officer Diana Trent takes a routine call in dispatch, no one knew the town’s fate, or those of the officer’s sent to investigate.

Unable to re-establish contact with their colleagues, the remaining officers set out to begin their own search, but stop as the night sky eclipses the town with rolling, amber clouds, turning the darkness in to a summer haze.

With a group of five armed officers vanishing from their duty, and the residents in the vicinity of the electrical disturbance also missing, Sheriff Mason Palmer is forced to investigate what happened to them, whilst also entertaining two agents from the FBI.

As Sheriff Palmer’s investigation continues, more light anomalies befall the town and send its residents in to a state of concern.

A comet falls to the outskirts of town, catching the interest of Tad, Billy and Jake, a group of teens with a love of Science Fiction. After they race to the crash site, their own inquisitiveness finds nothing more than fire and destruction in the woods where it fell.

With no explanation of these events and nowhere to turn, Palmer’s only chance at solving the mystery appears with Mitchum Hoyt, the leader of a strange, backwoods cult living in isolation away from the border. With the entire town accusing Hoyt of the abduction of two teenage boys some three months ago, and with no evidence to suggest so, Sheriff Palmer may not receive the degree of cooperation he requires from the charismatic mad-man. But, most disturbing of all, the officers that vanished begin to reappear, each with injuries and dismemberments so horrendous they should have died…

Hoyt co-operates, but only to warn the Sheriff. As the investigation continues, Palmer’s realisation is that Hoyt’s crazed preaching may actually be true. Something not of this Earth stalks his town, something so horrifying and un-natural there may be no way to stop it. Hoyt’s warning was true.

They’re coming…